To begin at the beginning

For quite some time I was obsessed with the idea of building a miniature city. I mean it – I spent months researching the topic, investigating the materials I might use, the tools I would need, the different sources of street layout and architectural data, the various techniques used in miniature model making, etc. I’m not blessed with a great deal of artistic talent (to put it mildly!), but I was hoping to make up for it with raw enthusiasm and a RainMan-esque attention to detail.

Well, I’m no closer to my goal, but I’ve amassed a mountain of inspirational miniature city goodness along the way. Seeing as I’m unlikely to start my project any time this century I thought I might as well start sharing this research, hopefully it’ll influence someone else to get started before me!

2 Responses to “To begin at the beginning”

  1. neil rones says:

    I have a 15 year old son; he and I want to create a mini-Tahrir Square to use in his history class; how would we get the dimensions of the surrounding buildings to use to carve them?

    Thank you. -Neil

  2. MrCeri says:

    Hi Neil,

    That’s an interesting question!

    I’m afraid I don’t have many ideas beyond searching online for the required information. Though another useful option might be to use a tool such as Google Earth, and take the dimensions from there.

    Good luck!


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