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Salary Timer, Tax Calculator and Raise Calculator updated for 2013/14 tax year

14 Jul 2013

I’ve neglected this website of late (to put it mildly). Work has been hectic, home life has been chaotic, and after a marathon coding stretch at the office, the last thing I want to do in the evening is write more code. This wasn’t always the case. I used to look forward to working on […]

Goodbye PubliSite, hello Sitesuma

24 Jul 2012

[the following post is written from the perspective of a career in software development, but the advice and observations apply to plenty of other industries too] I have been working with the good people of Line Industries for over 5 years. That’s a long time by my standards, certainly longer than anywhere else I’ve worked. […]

Dropping the BOM! or: Who’s the BOM King?

01 Jul 2012

OK, advanced warning – things are about to get a little geeky… I’ve been working lately on a PHP project – I’ve written my fair share of PHP in the past, but for many years I’ve been lucky enough to develop almost exclusively in C#. So my (temporary) return to PHP has nudged me out of my […]

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10 Apr 2014

The Heartbleed bug - today feels like a good day to be a Windows/IIS developer…

05 Feb 2014

CrashPlan really saved our bacon at work today.

08 Jan 2014

This article from Rands totally nails how I’ve been feeling about consumption vs. creation lately. Determined to make more of an effort to create in 2014: The Builders High

07 Jan 2014

At the day job: new blog post: Introducing Sitesuma Email Analytics

22 Oct 2013

At the day job: the first online store powered by Sitesuma’s new e-commerce functionality goes live:

21 Oct 2013

At the day job: lots of long hours and late nights, but Sitesuma now includes fully integrated e-commerce functionality!

30 Jul 2013

At the day job: happily back in the world of .NET after a couple of months of PHP - oh compiler, how I’ve missed you!

25 Jul 2013

Guardian piece on Pearson’s future tech strategy, mentioning their Plug & Play website I recently helped (re)build.

02 Jul 2013

Google Reader finally bites the dust. I’m happy with my move to Feedly (web and sync), MrReader (iPad) and gReader (Android), but I wonder how long until I have to repeat the whole exercise…