Salary Timer

Salary Timer Poo Man

Ah, the Salary Timer. The original reason for this website's very existence. Let's take a trip back to 2001...

I was working on an undemanding project, and had plenty of free time to learn some new skills. I started getting into Win32 programming (ask your grandad), and needed a pet project to work on - the Salary Timer was born!

I emailed the Salary Timer to a few friends, who forwarded it on to their friends, who sent it to their friends, and so on. Clearly it resonated with the downtrodden office classes, and before long the Salary Timer went viral and I was getting emails from all over the globe. And this was back when "going viral" was a fairly novel concept!

The next step was to build a website to cash in on my newfound internet infamy - enter

Well my brush with internet stardom was short-lived ("stardom" being a somewhat generous term), and I've long since grown out of Win32 development, not to mention timing my trips to the loo, but it was fun while it lasted...